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Imagination for Innovation

Imagination is one attribute you use to address challenges and create innovative breakthroughs.
Shimadzu's people believe in the same thing. The following highlights Shimadzu people working to develop new technologies and improve the quality of their work performance in order to provide better solutions to customers and society.


More meaningful experience for patients and medical professionals

More Meaningful Experience for Patients and Medical Professionals,volleyball-usa-iran

Development of Digital Radiographic Mobile X-ray System responding to requirements for safety, ease-of-use, and design for optimized performance in hospitals,rummy-images

Next Step

Next Step,888-poker-without-download

american-roulette-wheel-online,On the Frontline of Developing Technology Offering an Extraordinary Increase in Performance

A Leap into the Unknown

A Leap into the Unknown,free-online-football-games-to-play-now-without-downloading

mcc-cricket-website,Continuous Evolution in Pursuit of the Ideal Instrument

Development of Balances that Enable Anyone to Weigh Rapidly and Precisely

Development of Balances that Enable Anyone to Weigh Rapidly and Precisely,basketball-matches-near-me

A New Stage in Analytical Balance Performance Providing High-speed Response and High Stability,Fifa-games-sites-India

Failure Analysis Using a Single Switch

victorian-soccer-news,Failure Analysis Using a Single Switch

free-online-games-slots,A Revolutionay Solution That Goes Beyond the Basic Concept of an Infrared Microscope

Most User-Friendly Gas Chromatograph

free-£10-bet-no-deposit-required,Creating the World's Most User-Friendly Gas Chromatograph

Meet the Developers Who Developed an Analytical Instrument as User-Friendly as a Home Appliance,kingsburg-youth-volleyball

The Third Wave of Chromatographs

The Third Wave of Chromatographs,result-of-football-match-today

ao-international-tennis-doubles-online,Supercritical Fluid Chromatograph for High-Speed Simultaneous Analysis of a Wide Variety of Substances

Future Images

volleyball-usa-iran,Making the Invisible…Visible

casino-roulette-online-betting,A Revolutionary Step in Higher Quality Images for X-Ray Diagnostic Imaging Systems

free-slots-games-offline,Cutting Edge of Blue Lasers

Blue Semiconductor Lasers Expand New Possibilities in Micro Processing,basketball-gm-league-file

test-ranking-of-teams,The Art of Generating Vacuums

euro-ninov-soccer-club,Insights into the innovative engineering at the heart of Shimadzu's turbo molecular pumps

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